Endswell blends traditional craft, modern technology and progressive values.

The Endswell Collection by Yield –
Solid gold heirlooms cast from 3d prints.


All rings are available in your choice of rose, yellow or white gold.

Modern Heirlooms

We create jewelry imbued with meaning, combining the art of handcraft, technology and strong values. Each Endswell piece is cast in solid gold from 3D prints and then hand finished to perfection.

Uncompromising Values

We believe there’s nothing beautiful about jewelry created at someone else’s expense. That’s why we treat our artisans as partners and craft each piece in the USA from recycled gold.

Made in the USA
By a family-run foundry

Always Solid Gold
Never plated

Worldwide Shipping
Available to all

“The Endswell Collection takes 3D printing as a form of manufacturing to the next level by refining it with the art of handcraft.”

The Endswell Collection was born out of a desire to create memorable pieces that are meaningful because of their story, strong symbolism and high craft—not excessive adornment. We aim to create pieces that are true to our time and will last for good.